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Room from the outside! added 03/17/04
This is our room from the outside! pretty nice, You can see the fresh air coming into the room.
This is our room from the outside! pretty nice, You can see the fresh air coming into the room.

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Room from the outside! This is our room from the outside! pretty nice, You can see the fresh air coming into the room. 03/17/04
View of door and shelf This is the door and the shelf located at the other side of the room. 03/17/04
ventalation This is the ventalation going out of the room. The fan blows the air into the vent, and the vent leads outside. It works pretty well. keeps the humidity at 45% just where i want it. 03/17/04
ventalation exit THis is were the vent goes out of the room. It leads to the outside. 03/17/04
light and vent THis is the powerfull 430MH with the fan above it, taking all the stale air out. 03/17/04
week 2 As u can see they look kinda healthy, but they still got some yellow on them. If your wondering what the empty pot is, its a seed that we planted that we are hoping will sprout. We didnt germinate it. THe seed came from a shishkaberry bud. 03/17/04
Week 2 Here they are. I cant really make them out yet. When they get bigger you can notice that the chocolate chunk is darker, and fatter. This is because its a pure indica. 03/17/04
week 2 Close up of some of the plants. THey have some yellow leaves on them. I got them like that because they were sitting in the cold car for like 4 hours. But ill revive them. 03/17/04
week 3 OOPS! we did the most comon thing done by first time growers, over fertilized them. But it was only the day after so we can still fix it. So we leeched them 3 times, once ever other day. and it was fine again....feww But man did they look shitty or what. but hey i'v seen worse.but look at the other one, it sprouted! 03/17/04
week 3 You can see all the newer leaves are curling in, and going really thin. When your leaves begin to look like claws u know its over fertilizing. It happends but it wont happen again. 03/17/04

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