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DescriptionThis is my first grow garden. i built this room with my friend in only one day. We have everything needed for our grow garden. Pro mix soil, PH tester, organic fertilizer, Temp/humidity gauge, ventalation, conversion light system(hps,mh)and all this other crazy shit. Except at the beginning we didnt really have all this stuff yet. We didnt plan ahaid. But at about week 5, We changed alot of things and the result is crazy. So we basically, we went full out. I have three diffrent strains:Jack herer,shishkaberry, and my favorite...CHOCOLATE CHUNK! Jach herer i here is one of the best strains known to man. It won the 95' Canabis cup. It is moslty sativa. Shishkaberry is mostly indica, while chocolate is a full indica. I dunno, i like the strong body stone better. These are very excellent strains. They are highly resenous plants that you must see to believe. We Were very smart about this, we did alot of research and wanted everything to be perfect. Its just a matter of time now. I cant wait till i see the finished product. I was told that chocolate chunk was one of the best strains out there also, we will just have to see. I got a pretty decent camera so i can get some nice close up bud shots for you guys. you rarely see these strains, so they'll be nice for your collection. il keep updating the site until there done. Hope you like!
# Plants0
StrainsChocolate chunk, shishkaberry, Jack herer,lionheart, stouper
Lights430W MH, 430WHPS
YieldWe'll see
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  Pictures (365 total)
week 9, flowering day 26 Long bud! 04/12/04
week 9, flowering day 26 And here is what it looks like this week even better... 04/12/04
week 9, flowering day 26 Tripy view...looks like some sticky icky stuff!!! 04/12/04
Flowering day 35 Here are the buds after 35 days of flower...its really filled in, and it reeks up....soo sticky too, especially the chunk...hehe 04/21/04
Flowering day 35 Here is a shot of most of them...getting much fatter. 04/21/04
Flowering day 35 Here is one of the chunk plants with two colas....very nice indeed. 04/21/04
Flowering day 35 Big bud, sticks out alot... This plant stands at about 25 inches...vertical growth has completly stopped now.. 04/21/04
Flowering day 35 Nice frosty nug there.... 04/21/04
Flowering day 35 THis bud it curling towards the light....i always wondered how some buds were 04/21/04
Flowering day 35 squeezing the bud, filled bud not quite filled... 04/21/04

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