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Row of mothers added 03/11/01
Different strains awaiting cloning.
Different strains awaiting cloning.

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Clean Room This grow room is kept spotless. This helps avoid pests. 03/11/01
Lights 2 1000 Watt HPS lights illuminate this garden sharing a single light rail. 03/11/01
Ceiling Ventilation A vent in the ceiling, with fan, takes hot air immediatly outside. Air fresheners help remove odor. 03/11/01
Floor Ventilation A floor vent brings in cool air from under the house. 03/11/01
Smart Timer This timer monitors temperature and humidity and reacts accordingly. 03/11/01
CO2 Generator A CO2 generator provides CO2 to the room. 03/11/01
Cloning Closet The clones and mothers share a closet immediatly off the main grow room. This allows them to utilize some of the light from the 1000's during the light cycle. 03/11/01
Mother A healthy mother. 03/11/01
Row of mothers Different strains awaiting cloning. 03/11/01
Clones Fresh clones, recently rooted. 03/11/01

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