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DescriptionThis was one of the cleanest gardens we have seen. Everything worked well together and the growers take great care to keep it clean, which helps avoid pest problems. This garden is illuminated by two 1000 watt HPS lights on a light rail. It provides intake venalation from under the house and outtake venilation through the ceiling. CO2 is provided by a CO2 generator. There are 4 sections of plants that vary in age and are harvested at 30-50 day intervals. This sea of green produces up to 1-2 pounds of thick hairy bud every 30-50 days. These buds were SUPER dense and packed with bright orange hairs.
# Plants80
StrainsCalifornia Crush (Big Bud Family)
Lights2x1000W HPS
Yield1-2 lbs every 30-50 days
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Older Clones These clones are older. Some have grown too long for the sea of green and will be used as mothers. 03/11/01
View From Above View of the tops of some young flowering plants. 03/11/01
Beautiful Bud Great picture of this California Crush big bud strain. 03/11/01
Stages of Growth This shot shows the garden in it's various stages of growth. The plants nearest the camera will be ready for harvest in a couple weeks where the far ones have just been put under. 03/11/01
More Buds A dark but nice picture of this pretty bud. 03/11/01

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