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Sealed HPS Chamber added 05/26/06
New main feature
New main feature

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Fan Power Old pc power supply i had layin around, The wire Jumps Power to ground so i can run the fans 05/19/06
Upgrading my Box More additions to the box to help keep temps down humidity ^^^ 05/26/06
Repositioned my flour's Moved my lights to make more room 05/26/06
Sealed HPS Chamber New main feature 05/26/06
HPS chamber 2 If you look closely you can see the intake fan on the left and the new exhaust fan hole at the top. I need one more peice of Plexi to completly seal the cooling chamber 05/26/06
Temps Low Lowest Temp Inside the box. 05/28/06
Temps High Max Temp Over 8hours with HPS on 18/6 Cycle 05/28/06
Full Setup 1 Sealed Chamber for the HPS, Ballast, PC power supply,exhaust fan, Hygro Sensor and Remote. 07/17/06
Full setup 2 Further away view of my setup, It is inside of my closet for stealthness 07/17/06
COLD AIR intake Cold air intake that was really easy to make, Pulls the cool air from the bottom into the chamber to cool the bulb 07/17/06

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