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  D&G's Bay B's (Avg Rating: 3.5 in 34 votes)   Australia
DescriptionHey this is Dicemusic; From Australia. Thanks for using some of your time to check my garden out. ok here's tha 411 on my stuff. Lights: 1 x 8W(CW)/ 1 x 36W(CW) / 2 x 18W(WL) Medium: Potting mix Ferts: Blood & Bone Strain: White Widow & Hydro/Bush Location: Australia Plants: 2 from 21 I am planning on growing my first grow as a stealth one. Fluorescent lighting was my choice for light source; cheap, effective, and you can grow in layer's which is an advantage over HID's.
# Plants3
StrainsBeats Me :)
LightsTha big Halide in tha sky :)
MediumBlood & Bone & Soil
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Just Germinated Day 3 These are tha second batch of seeds we germinated, we waited about a week after we planted tha BK's (Big Koonzies). Red Lines show tha sprouting. 05/23/03
WW day 5 I was amased at how fast these lil' babies grew. I put it out in tha morning sun, go to study and when I come back their already got their second set starting to grow on tha top. 05/23/03
both trays day 17 Both trays at day 17 05/27/03
my products I went to my local green house today and brought some organic products. I brought a bag of "Blood & Bone", a tub of "Fish Imulsion" a box of "Miracle Grow" and a little handy Flo' which gives out only 8 Watts, but two of them will be fine. What you guys think? 05/27/03
Both trays day 20 Damn!!! go 8 Watters.. 05/29/03
WW tray at day 20 Growing very nicley.. 05/29/03
Snazy Transported! 05/29/03
It's still good This is one of tha white widow's that survived so much stress , shock and temprature chages then a muthafu*%#@. It's still good; It's still good. 05/31/03
ww wallpaper lol Nice background for your computer 06/01/03
@ 3 days I found this baby in tha front yard, It's been under tha flo's for about 3 days now. 06/01/03

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