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  First grow, looking good (Avg Rating: 7.0 in 32 votes)   Northeastern US
DescriptionThis is my first grow. No idea what strains any of these plants are because I got the seeds from bags of weed I bought.
# Plants9
StrainsBag seeds, I have no idea - can you Identify for me?
Lights400wMH with conversion bulb
MediumMiracle grow Potting soil
Yieldsoon to find out.
First Marijuana Picture

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Germination A few days in and looking for a bright future 05/13/03
Young plant One of my plants into their vegetative stage. Sadly this one turns out to be a male. 05/13/03
Partial Setup This is part of my setup. Bad Lighting in this corner =/ 05/13/03
Ouch! This on had a feast on them ferts! haha. It's under control though 05/13/03
Vegetative My plants well into their vegetative stage. Being bag seeds I can't wait to find out what strain they all are! 05/13/03
Lighting This is my 400w Metal Halide fixture shining brightly over my babies 05/13/03
Flowering Setup Now into the flowering stage I have changed my lighting to a 360w hps conversion bulb (hortilux). 05/13/03
Flowering Another view of the plants in flowering. By the way, I've already gotten rid of all the males. There were originally 17 plants and 9 are female. 05/13/03
Buds! Some buds nicely growing. Sorry for bad picture quality - the HPS was messing with my cam. 05/13/03
Dragon The eye of the dragon! Top shot of a plant. btw that is my hand holding the stem 05/13/03

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