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  Pete's (Avg Rating: in 5065 votes)   San Diego
DescriptionThis is a bedroom garden. 4 trays under 2 1000W HPS lights. A separate closet houses the mothers and clones. Central air conditioning keeps the room right around 74 degrees. External intake fans pump fresh air directly into a hepa filter. This garden operated in a non lived-in rented apartment for over a year.
# Plants99
StrainsBig Bud, Pure Indica, Jah Love, Sugar
Lights2x1000W HPS
Yield1-3lbs per month
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Garden View The 2 1000W HPS lights are mounted on light rails and hang from an adjustable wooden frame. The clamp design allows easy movement of the lights. Boards lined with mylar surround the garden and multiple fans provide ventilation. 03/13/01
Growth Stages Different trays in different stages. 1 Week 12/12 on the left, 5 weeks on the right. 03/13/01
4 Weeks Tray at 4 weeks on the right. Clones just planted on the left. 03/13/01
Big Bud Field 3 full trays of big bud at about 4 weeks. 03/13/01
5 Weeks Tray at 5 weeks. 03/13/01
Rows and Rows Lots of nice big buds. 03/13/01
Filling Reservoir A hose makes filling the reservoir easy. 03/13/01
Mom Closet The mom closet just off the main grow room can be seen in the background. 03/13/01
Moms These young moms already have many clone possibilities. 03/13/01
ION Generator A negative ion generator sits just outside the growroom to help reduce odors. 03/13/01

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