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  Glassbender's 15 female art garden (Avg Rating: 7.2 in 45 votes)   mid-west
DescriptionHey! I wanted to show a few of my girls. I played around on a couple photos and created a real female art garden, ALL NUDE, ALL THE TIME... oh, sorry...
# Plants15
StrainsWhite Widow & Bubblegum
Lights400w HPS and 160w Floros
Medium1/3miracle,1/3 potting,1/3perlit
Yielda lot I hope
First Marijuana Picture

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overall of art garden Went back and started to re-veg to increase yield, hoping to get 4 oz each. I started out with 10 each White Widow and Bubblegum. All 20 germ'd but 2 WW and 1 BG didn't make the tranplant, leaving 17 total sprouts. Topped after 4 nodes, around10 inches. Onced sexed at 17 inches, found out 14 were females. Tried to clone the toppings but only one is still alive, giving me 15 females. My babes are almost 28" tall. Flowering is going to double in height? Damn, too bad. 01/14/03
closer up eyeball view Don't ya just love the way they wink at ya? 01/14/03
droopy plant Needs something 01/14/03
Ahh, show it to me, baby! Going to be one hell of nugget some day. 01/14/03
ART in the garden I just had a burst of creative juice flowing today. 01/14/03
I am in love with this photo!!!! Now this is 'high' art! 01/14/03
love pistils! 5 days into flowering, its getting there. 02/04/03
Tasty! I can almost taste this already. Another pre-flower coming up. 02/04/03
Pandoras Box! Total of 16 FEMALES, including 1 clone. I water them now about every 3 days, soil gets very dry. Notice the floros on the floor. I have added 3 sets of 4 foot floros to the under side to increase bushyness of plants. I have a total of 240 watts of light below and 400 watts of HPS above. The floros are mixed cool white and aquarium/plant bulbs, one of each in each set. These babies are now 4 feet high off the ground. And we are just at the begining of flowering where they are supposed to almost double in height, reaching 7-8 foot tall plants? I almost hope not! Yea, your right, thats dumb, I do hope they grow that tall!!!!!!! peace 02/04/03
nice young bud Two weeks into flowering. 02/15/03

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