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  DSmokers second garden. Northern Lights! (Avg Rating: 7.1 in 57 votes)   somewhere in the U.S.
DescriptionThis is my second indoor garden. Three Northern Lights seeds that I got from a seed bank online. The grow room is my bedroom closet with aluminum foil in the walls, three fans(one for exhaust,one for incoming fresh air and the other one for circulating air inside). Ferts are 20-20-20 plant food for vegging and Miracle Gro Bloom Buster for flowering. The plants get water every 4-5 days, with every watering I use 1/4 teaspoon of Superthrive for more vitamines.
# Plants3
StrainsNorthern Lights
Lights2x150w hps, 150w flourecent
YieldNo idea
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My three NL. Here is the NL 5 to 7 days old 11/05/02
Top view of the NL Top view show the healthy babies. 11/05/02
NL no.1 (day6) Here is the plant no. 1 11/05/02
NL no.2 (day5) Here is the plant no. 2 11/05/02
NL no.3 (day7) Here is the plant no. 3 11/05/02
Flowering ferts. Miracle Gro Bloom Buster is what I use to fert. while flowering. 11/08/02
Vegging ferts. This time I'm trying for vegging, Peters 20-20-20. 11/09/02
First trouble... Yellowing of the leaves. The plant is 2 1/2 weeks old and havent get no ferts. yet. I did use some superthrive in some watering. The yellowing seen to be hapening to the older leaves starting from the tip and working the way in. Could it be over watering? I have no idea. any sugestions. 11/11/02
Garden at 40 days Here is a pic of the garden at 40 days of veging. The first onr to the left turned out male. The midle plant is the older female. She showed sex at 8" tall. And the small plant is a female and showed sex at 6" tall. 12/14/02
Older female This is my older female. She showed sex at 8 inches tall. 12/14/02

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