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DescriptionThis garden is in a portion of a large walk in closet. There is an oscillating fan and a 1000w HPS light. There is a laundry chute at one end of the closet that leads down to the laundry room where there is an open window. This provides fresh air to the closet through the open chute.
# Plants5
Strains3xAK47, 2xWhite Widow
Lights1x1000W HPS
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Close up 3 This is the other White Widow at 6 days. 10/05/02
Close up 4 This is a close up of another AK at 18 days. 10/05/02
Setup 2 A shot of the setup from a different angle. 10/05/02
Top view. A view from the top of yet another of the AKs at 18 days. 10/05/02
Chomped I walked into my closet and caught my dog chomping away on one of my AKs. It seems you can't trust anyone. 10/05/02
Pot Eater Here is the pot eating Jack Russel Terrier that I have to keep an eye on now. 10/05/02
Hermie Pic of a hermie for educational purposes. 10/18/02
AKs The AKs at 32 days. The tallest is 10 inches, the shortest is about 7 1/2 inches 10/19/02
AKs2 Another 10/19/02
AKs3 And another 10/19/02

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