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  Mini Monsters II - Trained (Avg Rating: 7.8 in 98 votes)   Aoteaoroa
DescriptionThis time around im using pumus 1 inch deep on the bottom of the pots and a mixture of worm castings and potting mix, with a teaspoon of Rootblast. Im using 4 x 4ft fluros with 2 cool whites and 2 grow lux for vegetation and a Phillips Son-t-agro 400w for flowering. This time i will be training them from an early age, and switching them earlier than the previous grow. Who said sequels are never as good as the original! PTKO
# Plants2
StrainsAfghani #1 Mongrel
LightsFluros- Vege 400w-Flower
MediumSoil, Worm castings & Rootblast
YieldAs much as last time
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Day14 Just been repotted, ready to go. 08/24/02
Day 21 They are training well. 08/31/02
Day 27 They are about to go under the H.P.S oven, just as soon as the space has vacated. 09/05/02
Day 27 Plant 1 This plant has two trunks which im training in the shape of an S 09/05/02
Day 27 Plant 2 This plant i tipped once and then bent it towards the pot daily. 09/05/02
Day 30 Flower 2 They are responding well to the 400w. It is now in 12/12. 09/08/02
Day 35 Flower 7 They are taking off, and im still slightly training them as they change,but not much more. 09/14/02
Day 40 Flower 12 The Buds are arriving. 09/19/02
Day 49 Flower 21 The Buds are here. 09/27/02
Day 56 Flower 28 Filling out 10/05/02

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