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  GETTIN' MY SHIT TIGHT 4 STRAINS 100% SUCCESS!! (Avg Rating: 8.8 in 4 votes)   THUG MANSION
DescriptionSo finnaly getting every thing fine tuned after a year of practice,which was hella fun in its self, building all my own shit from skratch and have been all hydro from day 1. Just have to say "I LOVE GROWING BUDS". Anyways as of 3-27-11 I am working with 4 strains ( AGENT ORANGE/WHITE RHINO/PURPLE HAZE and this other little bitch I call "WHITE GIRL" cause ya you can party and have fun with her all night but by morning time she done left ya with nothing but a bad taste in your mouth. I have taken clones from all 15 to 20 times and have had 100% success and i dont use a humidity cover
# Plants54
Lights1x600w HPS, 3X 400WMH,19x40wT-12
Mediumrockwool cubes in expanded clay
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white rhino this is a strange but tasty plant 03/31/11
more rhino 03/31/11
this looks good a... 03/31/11
its so sticky 03/31/11
so nice 04/01/11
this stuff is awsome 04/01/11
my next crop will be this I asked for a clone and got this..shit thats cool with me 04/01/11
my handy work 04/01/11

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