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  my medicine (Avg Rating: 6.5 in 4 votes)   northern cali
DescriptionThis is my first garden. I got my recommendation in november and was wondering where too start my garden right in the center of the house great spot. started ten seeds 6 1/2 weeks ago then three weeks ago got 3 clones lost 4 seedlings to rot and stunting. just took 4 clones 3 days ago.
# Plants12
StrainsSour apple,Carmelicious,Aussie blue,Purple diesel,OG Kush,Qwerty
Lightscfl lights about 540 watts
YieldFirst garden
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sour apple 9 finger leaves went to a coop got some medicine found one seed planted it six 1/2 weeks later 03/08/11
sour apple 9 finger leaves 03/08/11
purple diesel clone brought to me 3 weeks ago 03/08/11
Og kush Clone brought to me 3 weeks ago 03/08/11
Qwerty clone brought to me 3 weeks ago 03/08/11
Carmelicious seedling 6 weeks 03/08/11
Aussie Blue got three seedlings 6 weeks 03/08/11
clones three days old Qwerty and purple diesel 03/08/11
just an up date but you see the been 2 months almost ready to go out doors in the next 2 weeks 03/22/11
sour apple just waitin 03/22/11

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