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  Garden of Weeden (Avg Rating: 8.6 in 7 votes)   Southern U.S.
DescriptionI'm a photographer, yet brand new to growing. Although you probably won't see any shots of amazing plants, the pictures you do see should be fairly impressive.
# Plants5
Strainswhatever my neighbor sold me about 8 weeks ago :)
LightsThat big bright daytime start
YieldN/A ... yet
First Marijuana Picture

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How does she look First time grower craving community approval (even though I know she's a beauty) 09/28/10
Early flower stage Early flowering. How's she lookin? 09/28/10
My first daughter One of my first plants starting to flower 10/05/10
Beauty of a Bud She's so precious 10/05/10
Early Detection Extreme close up. White hair(s) about 1/16". 10/05/10
Stealthy Garden My view from my back door. Plants are potted, and set in a small trench I dug, to keep a low profile. The bright orange flowers draw attention. Nobody has seen my plants. 10/05/10
Closer look at garden Here you can see the trench and plants. 10/05/10
Stoned Toad in my Garden I found this big guy hanging out, burning one. (I did take photo, and photoshopped in joint myself). 10/05/10

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