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Descriptionthis has been an on going grow for 8 months,all have been cloned from one sprout a homie gave me."30+" so far,all have matured and yielded.Upgrade my lighting resently.
# Plants30
Lights500watt FL ,400watt MH, 600W HPS
Mediummiricale grow soil
Yield1/2 lb
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2pac's lookin over my chronic my first plant 05/02/10
just say grow 05/02/10
the lil ones 05/02/10
LATE VEG healthy green color 05/27/10
experimenting trying to root these stems with zero nodes below ground,dipped in root tone 05/27/10
YES.....its female after 2 1/2 weeks of 12 on 12 off finally know I'll get to smoke 05/27/10
MAMMA #1 My first plant looking all beautiful and shit 05/27/10
pre-flowered clone 05/27/10
home made hyroponics made this myself. The water pump is actully out of my computers cooling system 05/27/10
mini sea of green all these are clones of the big one.think Im doning good for a first timer. 05/27/10

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