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  Personal Grow (Avg Rating: 6.8 in 16 votes)   Northeast Coast
DescriptionThis garden was started with mothers from previously sexed plants. Clones will be taken, and rooted in peat plugs and a few 3" peat pots filled with soil. They will be put into 3 gallon grow bags filled with a Miracle Grow Garden Soil (NOT potting soil!) and Grodan Mini (1/4") Rockwool Cube mix (16 cups of rockwool with 2-3/4 gal. soil). When they are all 12"-18" tall, they will be forced to flower. Technaflora Recipe for success will be used with SuperThrive added. no additional co2 will be used.
# Plants13
StrainsJack Herer/American Hybrid Cross and sum White Rhino
Lights1000 watt, Air-Cooled
MediumSoil/Rockwool Mix
YieldTryin' for 13 oz.
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21 Closer up of everything. 03/07/10
22 Added more air for better cooling. A 6" booster fan at 160CMF. 03/07/10
23 With the door on. The space isnt sealed at the top of the front or back. Just the sides. 03/07/10
24 Coal cellar door gives cool, fresh air to draw into the booster fan. 03/07/10
25 I sealed the room and removed the booster fan. It's an air/light tight room with a passive air system to maintain temps and cool the light. I am also running Useless' GH formula now. 03/11/10
26 one of my rhinos. 1.5 weeks in, just starting to flower. 03/11/10
27 My bag-seed strain. It always takes 2-3 weeks to really start to flower. Here, it just got its first pistil. 03/11/10
28 The whole sha-bang! 11 days into flower. Looking good! 03/11/10
29 17 days into flowering. Gonna be a good harvest. 03/16/10
30 Lots og bud sites are forming. I should have used a screen or BushMaster to stop the stretching. 03/16/10

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