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  stealthfishgrow (Avg Rating: 1.2 in 6 votes)   Georgia
Descriptionthis is something i put together in an hour its made out of cardboard and a 10 gallon fish tank. used to have peppers in there and they were growing really good so i thought to myself why don't i grow some cannabis maybe they will do the same. Ill keep u guys updated on my crop. please rate it i would appreciate it.
# Plants7
Lights47 watt CFL
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first signs of life hope its a female 01/12/10
the whole grow box back view 01/12/10
parsley this is all thats left from my other crop used to have theres weed 01/12/10
another seedling its gettin there 01/12/10
precise temp it gets hot when i shut the door stays around 75 when open 01/12/10
fan i didn't have a fan so i made this one out of a vcr motor and a old cd. lol looks ghetto right 01/12/10

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