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  T5 Fluorescent 6500K (8) Bulb System (Avg Rating: 6.7 in 21 votes)   Medical Cannabis Capital
DescriptionI normally do my cycles with (2) 1000 Sun System HPS but i am trying out these new fluorescent T5 6500K Setup i have heard good things about these setups so i am trying out for myself i plan on adding a 400 watt HPS during Flowering cycle stay tuned for results *****STRAINS***** Grand Daddy Purple & Blue Dream
# Plants5
StrainsGrand Daddy Purple & Blue Dream
LightsT5 fluorescent Pioneer (8) Bulb
MediumRockwool / Ocean Pro Soil
Yield1-2LBS Per Plant Indoor
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Grand Daddy Purple & Blue Dream 3 GDP Mothers & 2 Blue Dream Mother @ 10 Days From Seeds 04/20/09
Grand Daddy Purple Mother @ 10 D close up of my Grand Daddy Mother @ 10 Days Looking Real nice :) 04/20/09
Blue Dream @ 10 Days Blue Dream Mother @ 10 Days supposed to yeild 2-3lbs indoors 04/20/09
Blue Dream Close Up 10 Days As You Can See The Blue Dream Distinguishes it's sex extremely early same with the Grand Daddy I could see pistils 04/20/09
Whole Crop @ 14 days 2 Blue Dream & 3 Grand Daddy Purple @ 14 day into 24hr Veg 04/25/09
Blue Dream (1) @14 days Thriving The Blue Dream is really starting to take off can't wait to see it at 28 days 04/25/09
Blue Dream (2) @14 days Thriving the other blue dream is also doing very well very easy to maintain and fast growing strain 04/25/09
GDP @ 14 Days GDP is doing alright at day 14 GDP is a slow growing strain but yields chronic if your willing to wait 04/25/09
GDP & BLUE DREAM @21 Days 3 GDP doing good at day 21 showing early signs of flowering 2 BD starting to take off very nice highly recommend this strain 05/03/09
Blue Dream @ Week 3 Blue Dream really starting to take off and get big very early compared to the slow growing GDP blue dream is a great strain!!! 05/03/09

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