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  fitzy's 2008 (Avg Rating: 8.5 in 20 votes)   south central Ontario
DescriptionWell , This year there has been a few changes than last years garden,one being I have moved it to two small patches on the edge of a friends farm not far from my house/last years garden location due to bad neighbours!!!!! Don't want to take a chance and its actually a lot better where it is this year anyway so no big deal which brings to the second change and that is I have 4 different kinds this year and more of them and also more mosquitoes!!!!! I have started all off the same way as last year,germinating, sexing,cloneing and then indoor grow until about 8-12 inches and happy!!!in miracle grow soil Dug out nice deep wide holes and filled with some nice sheep manure and quad mix.been in the ground since first week in June and all doing well. I will post some pics in the next couple of weeks. SEPT 9 2008 UPDATE: Forgot to add that back in mid July I moved one of the patches ,9 ladies,to the second patch for logistical purposes which required digging 9 more holes just like before,sheep manure and quadmix. This move couldhave resulted as high as all 9 getting shocked and dying but they all survived but as perthe picture of theonein the background going all tall and wierd ,stopped flowering and vegged tall???? oh well I'm happy with the final result with 8 making it plus the other 9 . The ones I had to move were actually the first to go in but like i said IT HAD TO BE DONE!!! Went to check on everybody two days ago and its almost time for harvest,for about 8 or 9 of them,in about a week but am going back sooner and will take some more pictures as i didnt have charged batteries,daaaahhhh,in camera. till then ,,,,, HERE IS A THOUGHT,,,,,,WHY DOESN'T GROWKIND HAVE TWO SECTIONS,ONE FOR THE ----OUTDOOR GARDENS ----- AND ONE FOR INDOOR GROWERS/GARDENS SINCE THEY REALLY ARE VERY VERY DIFFERENT AND PERSONALLY DONE BOTH BUT TRULY LOVE THE OUTDOOR FAR BETTER ESPECIALLYIF DONE THE RIGHT WAY !!
# Plants17
Strainssome NL,juicy fruit,white widow ,bigbud
Lightsthe Sun
Mediumquad mix and sheep manure
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one of the girls #2 just a peek,taken Aug 7TH.Already flowering nicely !! 08/09/08
one of the girls #1 coming along !! 08/09/08
one of the girls #3 nice eh?? 08/09/08
some of the girls just a few of the little darlings. can't wait to see them a month from now!! 08/09/08
WW August 28 2008 coming along 09/06/08
taken Aug 28 2008 nice 09/06/08
taken Aug 28 2008 all BUDS of all the plants are very dense,sweet smellng,STICKYYYYY the plant behind this nice cola was a WIERDO grew ver tall and stopped flowering.I PULLED IT !!! 09/06/08
taken Aug 28 2008 Very HAPPY,,,,ITS NOW SEPT 7th ,Will take somem more pics hoefully by the 9th. 09/06/08
taken Aug 15 2008 THIS IS SO MUCH WORK BUT SO MUCH FUN !!! 09/06/08
taken Aug 15 2008 HAPPY 09/06/08

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