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Descriptionjust some bag seed. 11 seeds 3 sprout. im using a cardboard box with tin foil with two hanging cfl's and a desk lamp with another cfl. hoping for a lovely lady or two so they can give me some babies the skunk is dead! i dipped for two weeks to the cottage they didnt get water for a week no rain so my buddie watered them the skunk was a gonner shortys stash is living the dream! these two lovely plants have now been put outdoors and i am proud to say i have 1 female as it sits now! =D
# Plants1
Strainsbag seed, Skunk(died)
Lights3 CFL's/ outdoor since june 15
Mediumrandom potting soil
Yieldprob half ounce dry
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find the grow box find the grow box 04/02/08
the setup all walls and the top and bottom are covered in tin foil(not the shiny side) 04/02/08
day 3 3 days after ground break 04/02/08
day 3 3.7cm in 3 days thats 1cm a day pretty good id say 04/02/08
new light i decided to add another light looking good tho 04/04/08
my tw o babys my unknown strain which i now call Shortys Stash and a Skunk seed germed and now has broken through the soil 04/04/08
Shortys Stash my biggest little wonder at 5.3 cm in 4 days thats not too shabby 04/04/08
Skunk took 5 days to germinate and 3 days to push through the soil but its still holding on to that seed shell 04/04/08
One week old! HBD! Shortys Stash at one week old sittin at bout 6 cm looking good 04/06/08
3 days old my baby Skunk sitting at 3 days old 04/06/08

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