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DescriptionSingle plant from a seed from a bag of memorable forgetfullness. The plant started it's life in a red solo cup. I forgot about it for a while outside. When I remembered it was flowering and it was only 7 inches tall. I transplanted it to a one gallon pot and put it under the cfl. It took about a week for it to start growing again. It now rests it's roots in a 5 gallon pot. My dog topped it for me when it was young. She ate all the leaves. After that it brached out quite a bit. I used Miracle Grow Organic mix. I added a small bag of vermiculite and perlite. I added a hand full of bone meal and cottonseed meal. topped it off with some lime. I got this recipe from an old grower I met about five years ago. I found that little piece of paper on my birthday last year. It was a sign from the Ganga gods that it was my time to grow. I started it on the 150 cfl. I inherited a FREE 150 hps. Plenty for one plant. I started the flowering cycle on Jan. 30, 2008. I have a few pics from the veging stage. Will follow buds growth from day 27 till harvest and beyond. Enjoy. Update: A friend gave me a Silver Haze bush and a 400w switchable ballast. I'm picking up a coolable hood and some fans and duct work to vent the heat into my attic after going thru a carbon filter. The plant is in a DWC bucket.
# Plants2
StrainsSilver Haze,single seed I kept from a bag-o-schwag 3 years ago.
Lights400W hps,150 cfl
MediumMiracle grow organic mix,DWC
First Marijuana Picture

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Day 27 02/26/08
Day 27 another one 02/26/08
Cola 28 days 02/26/08
Day 28 02/27/08
day 28 another one 02/27/08
underside day 29 02/27/08
That's the same plant in the dis 02/27/08
Cola at 30 days 02/28/08
Bud at 30 days 02/28/08
Wide shot at 30 days 02/28/08

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