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DescriptionThis is a full room garden with all the bells and whistles. CO2, Pollen and Mold filters, vented reflectors, charcoal filtered de-ionized water, etc, etc.
# Plants21
StrainsBig Bud x Super Skunk, Pure Indica, Jack Herer
Lights2x1000W HPS
Yield1-3lbs every 8 weeks
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Garden View Nice top view of the garden and grow room. 03/11/01
Lights 2 1000W HPS lights illuminate this garden. The vented reflectors are connected to squirrel cage fans that vent the hot air directly outside. Keeping this garden between 55-77 degrees depending on the time of year. 03/11/01
Ceiling Ventilation The air from the grow room is passed through the ceiling into another room where a negative ion generator cleans the odors before the air is finally vented outside. 03/11/01
CO2 Two CO2 tanks with a timed regulator pump CO2 continuously during the light cycle. 03/11/01
Pollen and Mold Filter Fresh air from outside is run through a pollen and mold filter before entering the room. 03/11/01
Clones The clones and mothers are kept in a closet off of the grow room, allowing them to take advantage of some the light from the 2 1000's. They are under flourecents in this picture but 4 days later a 430 Sun Agro arrived. 03/11/01
Side Garden View You can see the tube that delivers the CO2 running through the garden. 03/11/01
Different Strains This picture shows all three of the strains grown in this garden. 03/11/01
Big Bud Colas A few big bud colas. Ventilation from outside can be seen in the background. 03/11/01
Cola Big Bud x Super Skunk 03/11/01

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