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  fitzy's garden (Avg Rating: 8.7 in 23 votes)   S central Ont., Canada
Descriptionthis is my garden,two little ladies,north of Toronto in the holland march area.Both started indoors in late march and went outside,in small pots, early may so as to get climatized and experiece some diferent weather,cold,drizzle etc... end of may into the ground with quad mix,sheep manure and started them right away with SHULTZ'S Bloom Builder liquid(in the purple bottle).the one on the left(indica x sativa) was started earlier than the other one on the right(juicy fruit). the one on the left will be coming down soon but the other still has a good couple of weeks probably three weeks. i had to take off some top buds early for logistical reasons(over the fence)but even though the buds were small the calysts were the right colour ,sticky ,very sweet and citrus smell and after a good 10 day proper cure and manicure have resulted in a very wonderful clean cerebral high and a great flavour with a dense smoke probably do to cutting off any more Shultz's about two weeks prioir to harvest and only using water to flush the soil/plant. the remainder as you can see from the recent pics should be even better. SEPT 9 2007 :::::::::::::::::::::::::: Well its time to take them down!!!! About two weeks ago I had to remove a few branches which had a good number of mature colas/buds and managed to get a quarter LB dried and they are still curing nicely in mason jars,open up about 6 times a day,and they just keep getting better and better every day. The taste is friggin amazing and the igh very cerebral,clean and very long lasting.I had only removed the colas from the indica x sativa lady and as you can see from the recent pics the juicy girl is also going to be a winner not to mention the rest of the Indica x Sativa. You really can't beat good organic outdoor!!!!! having done both indoor and outdoor the outdoor is by far the best taste,smoke etc...... and this has truly been a great summer for this and i'll update as soon as all is cured and panel tested but the yield should be very very good,probably upwards to 3LBS give or take.
# Plants2
Strainsindica x sativa and juicy fruit
Lightsthe SUN
Mediumquadmix,sheep manure
Yield? should be good
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indica x sativa 051 08/26/07
indica x sativa 052 08/26/07
indica x sativa 053 08/26/07
indica x sativa 055 08/26/07
indica x sativa 049 08/26/07
indica x sativa 050 08/26/07
indica x sativa 050 08/26/07
indica x sativa 054 08/26/07
juicy fruit 056 08/26/07
juicy fruit 057 08/26/07

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