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DescriptionBubbling Buckets Hydroponic Setup Seeds originated from mid-grade bags. Each plant is a different strain. I call the left one Big Green, and the right one Richy. First run in this specific setup. (4-6 Harvests prior experience) So they will veg for 2 weeks under the big lights. A clone box will be made for female clones. 2 or 4 2' flourecent lights for clone box?
# Plants2
StrainsBag Seeds
Lights1x175MH 1x250HPS
MediumHydroton Clay Balls
YieldHope 5oz/plant bimonthly
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Front of Flower Box Box dimensions are: 5' 5" Tall 3' Wide 2' 10" Deep Vented Light Domes added 7/31/07 07/31/07
Transplanting to Flower Box Finished transplanting. Heat has been 95F with both lamps on and box all shut up. Added vented light dome/hoods, attached with 4" dryer vent hose to the intake of a 400cfm squirrel cage blower. Exhaust side is open, and shooting straight up towards the box exhaust fan. 07/31/07
165CFM 4" Can-Fan Exhaust Fan Venting air from the top of the box to outside of the box, on the "roof". Have a matching 165CFM 24"L active filter, unhooked until smell occurs. 07/31/07
Nutrient Mixture 5 Gallons of water per 5 gallon bucket. 1 plant per bucket. Nutrient Mixture: (All Measurements Are Per Bucket) 1ml Tap Water Conditioner 2 TSP Hydrogen Peroxide 2 TSP GH HardWater Micro nutes 1 TSP GH Bloom nutes 1 TSP GH Floralicious Plus 1 1/4 TSP GH PH Down Starting PPM 112 | Starting PH 7.0 Ending PPM 312 | Ending PH 5.1 07/31/07
Passive Intakes 2 2" Passive Intakes on rear right side of box. 2 2" Passive Intakes in back wall (not shown) 07/31/07
3x5Gal Reservoir 1 5Gal bucket linked via 1/2" tube to another 5gal bucket, and that one is linked to a 198gph in-line water pump and that connects to the 5gal controller bucket. There is a liquid level controller in the Controller bucket that keeps all 5 buckets full. 07/31/07
Res Buckets Above View Shot of 198gph Eheim inline/submersable pump with a 1/2" barbed inlet and outlet. 07/31/07
To Flowers On/Off Valve An On/Off valve connected between the controller bucket and the flower buckets. 07/31/07
Flower Box All Closed Up 07/31/07
Vented Domes Installed Vented domes were installed to help lower heat, currently 92F :( Helped by 3-4F 07/31/07

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