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DescriptionThis is a closet garden that is sealed with a wood frame and panda film. I have 2 plants in a 5 gallon powergrower top feed hydro system under an air cooled 400w hortilux and digital ballast set up. During veg it was in a smaller closet and was only under a 2ft T5 fluorescent. This is my first grow and I think I did a pretty good job for my first time and got some good quality buds out of these 2 plants.
# Plants2
StrainsStrawberry Creme, Katsu Bubba Kush
Lights400w HPS
MediumHydroton & rockwool
First Marijuana Picture

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Start of Veg These clones were just transplanted into this 5 gallon powergrower hydro system. 07/27/07
2nd week veg 07/27/07
4th week veg This was the 4th week and i wanted to flower but I was on a tight budget so I ended up veging for about 3 more weeks. They already outgrew this space at this point. 07/27/07
Moved to bigger closet for flowe This is now the current grow room that its in and still veged for about 3 more weeks in this. 07/27/07
4th week in flower This is the only pic i have that is alright with my cell. This is a couple buds on top. 07/27/07
Both plants This is at the end of the 4th week 07/31/07
Top of sativa 07/31/07
Strawberry Creme This is at the end of the 4th week in flower. 07/31/07
Katsu Bubba Kush This is the top of the Bubba at the end of 4th week in flower 07/31/07
End of 5th week flowering 08/07/07

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