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DescriptionBelieve it or not this is my first garden. After smoking weed for 10 years and watching my friends grow for about 5 years, i thought it was time for myself to pimp out a few nasty ladies to a couple of gangster 400w santiagos. Hope you enjoy these killer photos and try not to feel to inadequete about your little guys.. as cypress hill once said ' PICK IT, PACK IT, AND PUNCH IT'
# Plants9
Lights2 x 400W Santiago
Mediumpotting mix, compost,pumice
Yield?? couple pounds ??
First Marijuana Picture

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Clones week 1 VIEW LATER PICS FO clones that have just been taken form mums yesterday. dipped in root-x, then planted into presoaked jiffy7's. sitting on 50/50 clay ball, pumice mixture. 07/27/07
Clones week 1 Under 24hrs light. 1 x 18W GRO LIGHT 1 x 18W COOL WHITE 07/27/07
Clones week 2 Clones are reaching towards light, and looking healthy. 07/27/07
Clones week 2 Roots are developing well 07/27/07
Clones week 2 Strong healthy roots searching for water and warmth. 07/27/07
Clones week 6 Just been transplanted into soil but still under fluro 07/29/07
Clones week 6 More baby shotz 07/29/07
Clones week 6 More baby shotz 07/29/07
Clones week 6 More baby shotz 07/29/07
Plants week 10 Here is a shot of my room, it's about 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.8 meters that is you yanks. I've bent the shades up so to maximise light. 07/29/07

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