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  Dirty South Grow in closet (Avg Rating: 14.0 in 12 votes)   Tejas
DescriptionCloset grow. 15 plants started from seed. 13 female and 2 still no sign of sex Closet ----5' x 2' x8' Lighting: Flower-400 watt air cooled w/ hortilux bulb Ventalation: flower- cage exhaust fan 100 cfm w/can filter for stink. cage exhaust fan 150 cfm for light plants- started from seed 13 showing female 2 unsure. 5 plants had 3 weeks of veg and 10 had about a week Temps - buzz around 75 lights on and 70 lights off Sterted the 12/12 on jan 18th Using a blend of ocean forest and perlite fertilizing with botanicare pure blend pro Hope yall enjoy!!!!
# Plants12
Strainsnot sure
Lights400 watt hps air cool
Mediumsoil- ocean forest/perlite
Yieldwill see
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after 1 wk 12/12 older plants in 1 gallons while youngsters are in foam cups 01/25/07
diff plant 3 weeks old 01/25/07
3 weeker recently transplanted unknown sex hoping for females 01/25/07
overview of garden all plants 01/25/07
little guy maybe 2 weeks old at max 01/25/07
can filter and light can filter exhausts air from the closet hooked up to 100 cfm cage lightg has rigged cooling with an axaust hooked to hood with 465 cfm fan 01/27/07
1/30/07 closeups 01/30/07
1/30/07 closeups 01/30/07
1/30/07 reppoted some of the little guys 01/30/07
1/30/07 reppoted some of the little guys 01/30/07

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