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DescriptionThis is a closet grow indoors and I have 4 plants and one clone as of right now in different areas. These plants have been given special attention. Im using 2 50wt flouros 1 100wt CFL sunbulb 1 100wt cfl and 1 123 wt metal halid grow lamp. Im using miracle grow fertilizer and jiffy potting soil. also have some jiffy pucks that have seeds germinating right now. the Bigest plant recieves 350ml of water a day and the small seedlings and the clone get 125ml of water a day and 5ml of miracle grow fertilizer a day. The plants also recieve fish aquarium water every 2 days and recieve a mixture of rainwater,tapwater,fish aquarium water,and 3 drops of hydrogen peroxide per liter. every 4th day. The bigest plant is misted once a day with regular tapwater. and the seedlings are misted twice a day with a 100ml mix of flowering fertilizer per liter of fishwater.
# Plants5
Strainsgood bag seed
Mediumjiffy potting soil
Yieldcouple of ounces
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2 weeks out of ground looking good. plant is recieving 100ml whenever the top layer of the medium is dry and 15ml of miracle grow pour and feed every 2-3 days. the plant is being misted regularly 02/01/06
another look from the top Plant about 2 and a half weeks out of ground. 02/02/06
Closet setup as of 2weeks 2 50 wt flouros and 1 100wt cfl 02/02/06
3 weeks old and transplanted This plant is 3 weeks old and has been transplanted to its final pot. plant is recieving 200ml of water whenever the top of the medium is dry. 02/02/06
The setup as of 3 weeks 2 50 wt flouros and 2 100wt CFL's 02/02/06
some of my tools miracle grow pour and feed. spray bottle mixed with rainwater,fish aquarium water, tap water 02/02/06
My fan I purchased the fan at family dollar for 6 bucks and it does the job. 02/02/06
4 and a half weeks old plant is 4 1/2 weeks old and is recieving 250 ml of water whenever the top layer of the medium is dry. The plant is fertilized 10ml of miracle grow pour and feed every other day. plant is misted twice daily. this is about one week from when the plant was toped. a 123wt metal halid grow lamp was added and one of the cfl's was replaced by a 100wt sunbulb 02/02/06
4 1/2 week old setup it works 02/02/06
top of plant 5 weeks old top of plant 5 weeks old almost 2weeks from being toped shes growing . plant is recieving 300ml of water whenever the top layer of medium is dry. miracle grow pour and feed 20ml every other day. misted twice a day. 02/02/06

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