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  My second mini grow (Avg Rating: 5.9 in 12 votes)   UK
DescriptionGrowing two or three Northern Lights (Nirvana) in compost/perlite/fish,blood,bone meal mix under 250 watt hps
# Plants4
StrainsNirvana Northern Lights
Lights120watt CFL, 250 watt HPS
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Day 5 Temporary growbox for the seedlings and early veg 01/30/06
Day 5 Inside growbox 01/30/06
First seedling This seedling is about 5 days old (can't even remember when I planted it!). Keeping an eye to see if its growing fast enough under these CFL lights 01/30/06
Day 8 View of the two seedlings inside the growroom 02/01/06
Day 8 The larger plant, on its second set of serrated leaves (3-pronged) looking healthy 02/01/06
Day 9 The largest seedling (again) still going good. I am sure I will get bored of taking a pic every day soon... 02/02/06
Day 10 Pic of both seedlings, larger at day 10, smaller day 5 02/03/06
Day 11 Here are the two seedlings at day 11 (the smaller few days behind) still both doing good. Hopefuly can get the HPS in soon 02/05/06
Day 11 (day 2 for new seedlings) This is going to start getting confusing since plants are now all at different days...but heres my two new seedlings (just visible!) 02/05/06
Day 13 The two new seedlings (few days old) 02/07/06

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