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DescriptionThis is a Small portable Grow box I made with Scrap wood I had.Running a 400 Watt HPS and 140 watt Widespectrum Fluresent ( I plan to add more of these as many as I can get in there)I have cut out the floor of box and fit 2 large Square pots that are 15 inch deep .Seeds are Bag seeds from some $20 a Gram bags from a friend who smokes nothing but the best!!! So I am hopeing for some real nice Plants..I painted everything inside white and I have installed 6 computer type fans and 1 desk fan and 2 small fans mounted inside on walls to keep air moving and keep plants cool as well as help develope strong stems.I built this Grow box to be portable.
# Plants1
Lights400 watt HPS and 140 Watt Flur
MediumMG ,perlite,SM and Humos fert
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Plants at 2 weeks old 4 of them poped right up and the other 2 followed a day later . I can already see different charteristics in the plants I hope they all Are Female 01/24/06
This is one of the stronger plan when I germinated the seed it grew a root about 1 inch long in the paper towl it was crazy I knew it was going to be a biggon ! 01/24/06
The runt of the bunch She did not start to grow until about 5 days ago I'm not sure why but now she's looking very nice !!! 01/24/06
Starting to even smell like BUD! another nice plant . I notices A hent of sweet oder now in the room . Like My Guard Worm SPIKE !!! 01/24/06
2 weeks old and looking good Its hard to believe I put these in the soil exactly 2 weeks ago !!! Glad I made the investment in the Light .. 01/24/06
Foliage and stem Growth these are nice fat stems on all the plants I keep A good Amount of cirulation in the box mainly for the heat factor I can keep it around 78-82 degrees ferenheit and about 60-65 on lights off time. Plants are on 18/6 cycle 01/24/06
More Stems This is the Bad boy that has been a Hoss from the get go had a inch long root when I germenated. VERY VERY NICE !!!!! 01/24/06
The grow box Here she is my Creation,Has 6 fans computer style, 2 desk fans , 400 watt HPS ,80 watts flur and I will add more. big hole in top for when plants get tall I will move light outside case but will not loose any light I cut whole to fit exact. Inside box is painted all white.. doors are made of white bathroom panaling . Just a trow together but should work well for my interest .. 01/24/06
2 wks and 3 days getting bigger FAST 01/27/06
21 days olds Now and in there fi Just transplanted these Most of them made the trip well Switched to a more Organic Fert 01/30/06

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