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  AK in the attic (Avg Rating: 8.3 in 33 votes)   Scotland
DescriptionPlants from cuttings. veg for 4weeks, flower for 8weeks. will roughly be ready to cut down on 16/1/06..!!! Very sticky and pungent...! Cant wait to smoke it..
# Plants4
Lights1x400watt and 1x600watt HPS lamp
MediumGrown in an NFT tank in rockwool
YieldUNKNOWN till harvest
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Sticky fingers 01/10/06
beer garden... 1 week till harvest 01/10/06
Close up... Really Sticky!! mmm 01/10/06
overhead 3 weeks till harvest...looking lovely, just need to fatten up now.. 01/10/06
nice 3 weeks to go!! 01/10/06
the runt at the front. why does 1 always lag behind?? 01/10/06
looking fat now. 1 week to harvest.. 01/10/06
look at my forest no too bad for my second attempt.? 01/10/06
few days before harvest 01/23/06
Forest!! Can't wait to hack these babys down.. 01/23/06

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