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DescriptionDecided on SOG in a closet because it seemed simple. Went with a free guide found online. Two shelves. Veg shelf and Flowering on the bottom. Have a 1000w flourescent for veg and a 400w HPS for flowering. We also put a small 150 flourescent for flowering to add extra spectrum. Started with seeds from an online dutch bank. Chose bubbaliscious for indoor/ease. Broke 4 of the first 5 seeds. All 4 plants grew well during veg. stage with tallest to 2ft. Were able to sex by online help. 2 males 2 females(white hairs).
# Plants2
Lights1000wFlou veg/400wHps150wFloures
MediumSoil/vermiculite mix
YieldFew ounces?
First Marijuana Picture

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The closet! Top plants veg. stage/bottom plants flowering. Sealed off with foil to keep bottom dark during 12hours. 01/06/06
The babies growing. Have these vegging under the 1000wFlouro. 01/06/06
The two ladies. These two are the females of the first 4. White hairs gave them away. 01/06/06
Top View of the Ladies. Just a top view. More pictures to come as available. 01/06/06
2 weeks Vegging about 2 weeks. 01/08/06
Pot too small? I wonder if the pot is too small. 01/08/06
Yellow spots on bottom leaves. Not sure what causes this. 01/08/06
2 weeks into flowering. 2 weeks into flowering and seeing baby bud. 01/17/06
Another angle. Another picture of early bud. 01/17/06
I repotted the plant... I repotted the plant and hopefully it will recover. It was definitely root bound. They are still making progress at the flowering stage. 01/17/06

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