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  Grapefruit in low attic with T5 flouroscents (Avg Rating: 5.0 in 19 votes)   Europe
DescriptionThis is my first attempt to grow weed and so far its going quite good. I hope that i can produce an alright harvest with my T5 flouroscents, which i used previously to enlighten my fishtanks(however i got some nice new bulbs).I grow in the attic and two seperate cartboard boxes, one for flowerig and the other for cloning and the two mother plants. The space in which i grow allows me to only have plants with an height of 2 feet (hopefully they won't grow much bigger, as i've got no experience in growing weed) Should be alright......
# Plants8
Lights2x54W (T8)+2x38W (T5) flouro.
MediumNormal compost soil
Yieldgod knows
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Acces opening to garden Heater and Fan are both outside the growing boxes. 01/02/06
Day 12 from germination These 8 plants have been moved into flowering box after 7 days of veg. grow to keep them small. 01/02/06
Flowering box This is one of the 2 cartboard boxes i use for growing and is used for flowering. Holes in the side allow ventilation of grow box 01/02/06
Day 19 from germination 12 days under 12/12 hour light period (no signs of flowers). 01/02/06
Day 23 from germination The plants are growing quite quickly but plants aren't very compact. 01/02/06
Day 26 from germination getting bigger.... 01/09/06
Nice and green All plants started flowering 01/09/06
Flowering close up 01/09/06
Top of plant 01/09/06
Side view of plant you can see all the little branches where flowering will produce buds. 01/09/06

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