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Descriptionmy garden consists of 20x15ltr autopots{allmost hydroponic} the pots are filled with 70%coco 30% perlite, each pot sits in its own ressie thats about 2" deep,there is an airstone under each pot to get lots of air to the base of the pot, the pot ressies have a small valve controlled bye a float that judges the ammount of nute solution required for each pot ressie. all of the pot ressies are fed from a main 200ltr main ressie, this is a gravity fed non circulating system so once ph and cf is set in main ressie theres no need to adjust either until it runs out of solution. this method of growing works best once there is a good root mass within the pot before the main ressie is switched on, large bush type plants reccomended
# Plants20
Strainsnorthern lights
Lights2x400mh,veg 4x600hps flower
Mediumcanna coco coir,perlite
Yield4 oz plus per plant
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seedlings 12/04/05
garden veiw 12/10/05
day 4 of 12/12 12/15/05
more pics 12/15/05
more pics 12/15/05
more pics 12/15/05
more pics 12/15/05

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