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  Kentucky Homegrown (Avg Rating: 8.8 in 40 votes)   Kentucky USA
Descriptionthis is my very first try at growing my own weed. day 1 i droped seeds in cup of water and the countdown begins. i have a 4 stage garden in a closet that is 2'x5'x8' tall. my flowering chamber is 2'x3'x5.5' and has a 400 watt switchable MH/HPS HID light. veg chamber has 250 watt MH HID. mother chamber has floursents and the other is a drying chamber. my flowering chamber is just big enough to hold 2 emilys gardens. i took clones and now have mothers i will now grow 12 budcicles instead of the bushes. i am keeping bonsai moms. my mother chamber is 2x2x3 with 160 watts of floursents. i should be able to keep 6 or more different strains of mothers in there
# Plants6
StrainsAK 47
Lights400 w HPS, 250 MH, floursents
Mediumclay pebbles
Yield6 oz of dried bud
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opened up this is a picture of my second crop (super haze)but this is my final setup.the garden configuration has changed many times 10/29/05
hardware cooling and vent system 10/29/05
day 10 from seed off to a good start all 10 seeds sprouted 10/29/05
day 13 rolling along 10/29/05
day 15 wow they grow fast in hydro 10/29/05
day 15 closeup 10/29/05
day 17 pretty good temp for a 400 watt light in such a small room 10/29/05
day 19 my my only 19 days old and look at them 10/29/05
day 23 big enough to take clones for mothers 10/29/05
day 25 flowering day 2 took clones and now i cut the light to 12 & 12 10/29/05

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