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  The Greenroom #2 (Avg Rating: 8.3 in 15 votes)   Asslandia
Descriptionthis room was started with clones from the first greenroom. There are 3 sensi stars/nebula and 1 bubble gum. I also have a blueberry I started from seed. These are in soil using fish guts and manure tea fertilizers for the veg cycle. They are under 1 400W MH and 1 80W Gro-tube. I have not as of yet addressed the CO2 issue. After switching them to bloom, I discontinued the fish guts and manure tea and started a regimen of flora nova for bigger blooms
# Plants5
StrainsBubble Gum, Sensi Star/Nebula, Blueberry
Lights1 400W MH 2 40W gro-tubes
Mediumsoil/fish guts/manure tea
Yieldnot sure yet
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Sensi Stars clones these clones are about 5 weeks into veg. 10/10/05
Sensi Stars a top view of one of my girls 10/10/05
Bubble Gum notice the unusual growth on this clone. It was outside all summer and didn't take. When I transfered it indoors it took off. Bubble Gum does NOT like natural sunlight 10/10/05
Sensi Stars I can't wait for the lemony citrus results! 10/10/05
Sensi Stars These clones have doubled in size. 10/24/05
Bubble Gum This stressed bubble gum has really responded to artificial light and some TLC. These are 7 weeks into the veg cycle 10/24/05
The sensi stars/nebulae 1 month into the bloom 12/08/05
Sensi stars/nebulae More lemony nugs ripening! 12/08/05
Bubble Gum I have 1 bazooka Joe bubble gum plant. It is in the back on the left in this picture. It will not produce much but gave birth earlier this month to 14 healthy baby clones! Long live the Gum! 12/08/05

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