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  James cuddys bubble bucket bonanza (Avg Rating: 3.2 in 5 votes)   sevin oh sevin cali
DescriptionMy first indoor grow , using aeroponics...bubble buckers to be exact...HELP ME OUT FOLKS...knowlegde is key, i dont know everything...and other people working together is what were all here for right?...we all love that sticky green..
# Plants10
Strainslavender so far..
Lights1 1000 watt HPS
Mediumhydro..bubble buckets
First Marijuana Picture

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my setup so far this is only one bucket out of 10..once i get my clones i will post all of them in there.. 08/27/05
Bucket picture of the bubbles what my 4" air stones are making...what do you think? 08/27/05
Pump these are the air pump im using i got from a hydro store.. 08/27/05
Plant here the lavender in the net pot from the bucket... 08/27/05
duct this is my duct...i cant get it to stay on the hood!! 08/27/05
Fan this is my exhaust duct fan... 08/27/05
gradenn hmmm 08/27/05

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