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DescriptionHarvest every two weeks
# Plants5
Strainssaved seed from good toke
Lightsone 250 MH and one 400 watt HPS
Mediummy own mix
Yield3 plants 17 Oz
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waiting 28 days into buding 08/13/05
ready for 12/12 these are going to be put in the buding room. 08/15/05
begining 12/12 put these plants in grow room to start 12?12 08/16/05
grow room 1 I use my own mix of soil here's the recpie top soil,sand,compost,perlite,dried blood,bone meal and, granite dust. I water with my own mix of compost tea. for the final transplant all go into 5 gal. pots. Lights are one 250 watt MH for vegging and one 400 watt HPS for 12/12. the grow room is part of a storage house in the back yard. I installed a wall with a door in center on each side of the door are vents one at bottom of wall the other one top of wall. the room is 3' wide 9' long and 7' high. The room is kept cool using a air Conditioner window unit only 5000 btu.all 4 walls and door are insulated with 1"x4'x8'reflective Insulation boards. 08/20/05
grow room 2 lower vent 08/20/05
grow room 3 upper vent 08/20/05
grow room 4 250 watt MH 08/20/05
grow room 5 air Conditioner and heater 08/20/05
grow room 6 lower vent from inside room 08/20/05
grow room 7 35 day 0ld bud 08/20/05

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