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i did it... hmmmmm who said u cant grow with a ge clear light its only 4k lumens and 3 of the plants sprouted i gotta put the 1 in another bucket 08/14/05
diff plant this is a diff plant my other one came out the ground and 4 days later overnight this one comes up and is now bigger than the first one 08/14/05
the setup this is the setup i know aluminum foil sux but its better than nothing its a 2 x 2 rigged in my friends closet 08/14/05
new setup put all the plants well i had 2 in 1.....another 1 came up and now transplanted into their own pots got some peat moss and red mulch for them.... their going to grow big and strong... :) 08/16/05
day #5 shot 08/16/05
day #5 shot 08/16/05
day #5 shot 08/16/05
whats the matter?? 08/19/05
weird the leaves look weird on this plant and its not really growing any...... 08/19/05
outside hopefully not freakin out by the sun... 08/21/05

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