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DescriptionThe room for the garden is exactly 4' x 10', about 1/3 of what I was originally going with. I figured it would be a piece of cake if I just had all the right hardware and plenty of love. Yeah right.
# Plants18
StrainsSalmon Creek
Lights2x1000W HPS & Swap with 1 1000MH
MediumSunshine #4
Yieldunder 1 lb first run
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room build This is during build, shows i light and 6" exhaust blower w/ filter 08/09/05
Closer view Exhaust nook I didnt need to make the whole room bigger to accomodate filter 08/09/05
Power distribution / Timer This is the only way to go, bring in 220v, wire to box and supplies 220v on timers and 110v direct 08/09/05
Intake blower Here is my 6" intake blower coming up through floor, sealed from under bed, forces air over plants 08/09/05
room size To see actual size, this planter box is 4' by 8' and sealed around from area below bed 08/09/05
Doorway Here is what you see when you open door from outter room 08/09/05
Door shut This is what people see from outter room, same question every time, where does that go? 08/09/05
4 weeks here is garden at 4 weeks into bloom 08/09/05
better color better idea of actual color of plants 08/09/05
5 weeks Still getting bigger, only 3 weeks left 08/09/05

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