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  llIndigoll Harvest 2005c (Avg Rating: 8.4 in 17 votes)   Oregon
DescriptionStarting over from scratch after painting the walls, cleaning the floors, and bombing the room. I did this to keep my happy room happy, and I wanted to make sure my last year growing here would be pest-free.
# Plants7
StrainsWR, WR/TS, Sweet Purple, June Bug, Jack Herer, and Afghani
Lights1KW HPS, 160W Fluor
MediumOrganic Soil
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Group veg 06/01/05
WR x TS Donor White Russian crossed with Tundra/Stonehenge. 06/01/05
Aero clones 06/01/05
Jack Herer Female 06/01/05
Afghani reveg This is an example of a small clone that was flowered and is now being put back into 24-hour light. 06/01/05
Worm casting clones These will not get misted at all but will stay under the humidity dome until roots appear. 06/01/05
June Bug The return of an excellent strain, and I'm happy to be growing it again as this strain has excellent flower formation and vegetative growth. 06/01/05
June Bug Mutant I cracked two June Bug seeds, and this was the one that didn't look so good after germination. It was probably a young seed that didn't have time to develop a healthy embryo. I've kept it alive in this small container to see how it would grow. Here you can see that it has topped itself...or whatever you call this! 06/09/05
Sweet Purple Flowering This clone went about 5 weeks into flowering. It is now getting summer sunlight, and the flowering has stopped. I do not know if this plant will go into veg, or just stay in stasis until the Autumn comes. Until then I'll be feeding it veg nutrients. 06/09/05
Sweet Purple Reveg This SP clone wasn't so far into flowering when the photo schedule started to change. It is showing new veg growth, and I've taken a first set of cuttings from it already. 06/09/05

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