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  so-cali meddies (Avg Rating: 8.2 in 29 votes)   San Diego, Cali, USA
DescriptionThis is a medical closet grow. It consists of 7 5-gal buckets +1 controller. In addition, there is a seperate aerocloner/vegetative growth chamber. The system is powered by a 1000w hps light, in a cool tube like sealed hood. The plants are also augmented with co2, derived from the yeast-sugar method.
# Plants7
StrainsShiva Shanti
Lights1000w HPS
Mediumclay pellets, bubbling buckets
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doors Just another bedroom closet .... or ... 09/30/04
above take a look inside 09/30/04
sealed hood this is a sealed hood with a 475cfm fan on the other side. the entire thing is cold to the touch, keeps heat under control here in cali with no air conditioning 09/30/04
controller here you can see the controller and oscillating fan. there is another fan on the floor, that serves to blow heavy co2 up into the path of the oscillation again. 09/30/04
freshly manicured I tend to only manicure the plants once, and that is when i make the transition to the floral induction photoperiod. Here are the girls with new haircuts as of 9/30 - PS these measure about 19.5 inches tall 09/30/04
big f***in fan here is that 475 cfm fan i was talkin about ... this thing rocks. its pretty quiet for what it does, but i moved all the loud ventilation equipment up into the attic. I also run a uvonair 5000 up in the attic. 09/30/04
strech! heres the bulk of the big stretch (I hope!) ... its now oct12, and the plants have been in the 12/12 cycle for 2 weeks. 10/12/04
vertical another angle ... also taken on 10-12-04. 10/12/04
nice full growth i have never had branch systems like this on all of my plants ... sure, i have had a freak one here and there that grew out of control... but these are all freaks! 10/27/04
growin out the closet if im at home, i like to open up my closet doors and let the plants breathe ... trouble is if i leave the doors open for any period of time, they start growing out the closet. 10/27/04

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