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  1st timer aka brownthumb (Avg Rating: 8.4 in 47 votes)   usa
Descriptioncloset operation using all floro..said I wasn't gonna get to deep into it dollar wise..good learning exp..started w/10 bag seed and had 3 live. 1 was male, 1 was hermie, and 1 lady..good variety,haha. Used all miracle grow, but fought w/nute levels the whole time..I think MGro just to strong, will use organics next time. I vegged for 2.5 months til alt. internodes developed and 2ft tall. I think to tall/long for floros..lower growth sparse even with lights 3" away. Anyway, happy that I got atleast a few buds, not too bad for first time.
# Plants1
Lights8x40 fl tubes, 2x150 fl bulbs
Yieldmaybe 1oz
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hermie nug small nug, 1 of about 20 off of hermie..potent but tastes like shit 08/29/04
lights 3 $10 dollar shop lights screwed together and hung w/chain 08/29/04
middle bud tiny bit frosty 08/29/04
cola one of the bigger bud sets..remember.."big" is a relative word 08/29/04
buddy and bud inspector scooby..2paws up! 08/29/04
frosty jr. pretty little thing 08/29/04
1more another jr bud..these are all i month flower by the way 08/29/04
co2 homejob co2 generator..pain in the ass..lasts about a week..2c sugar,2 packs yeast 08/29/04
lights again 3 of 4 shop lights..put warm ones in three for flowering 08/29/04
tap water Use good water! My tap water sucks as you can see..too hard..nutelockout 08/29/04

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