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  Unlimited Supply!!!! (Avg Rating: in 29 votes)   south america
DescriptionI personaly have no marijuna plants of my own but i live in Caburia South America in a rain forest. I lived here for about three years and in my second year of living here i walked four miles from my house and kept seeieng small familiar looking plants as i got deeper into the trees i stumbled upon an endless araiy of marijuana plants. whene i finally realized what they were I cut off a few marijuana buds and took them to my house. i had never tried marijuana befor but i smoked it with one of my grandfathers workers and was hooked from that day on. I litterally have an enless supply of marijuana.
# Plants0
StrainsNatural forest plants
Lightssun light
Yieldas much as i want
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my territory This is about 2 kilometers from my home and here is where the bud is. we will meet a truck at the specific marijuana sight to take home some plants. 06/28/04
Weekly bud run Here are the plants we will take this week. The plants down here are very adapt to alot of water so the plants are very bushy and only produce about one pound per plant, even whene the plant is over 6 feet but the bud is AMAZINGLY good! 06/28/04
Lettin it dry over here we work all day so were all pretty lazy so we dont clip the leaves, all we do is let it dry out by itself and smoke lastweeks bud until it is done. 06/28/04
wish u were here here is where i get all my bud at. 06/28/04
Bright Green Bud this is one of the buds that grow on the plant. they are pretty potent for all natural bud. this is one of the better more healthier plants, not all the bud is as good. 06/28/04
bong hey were in the forest what do you expect. I have been smoken alot man, all i got is weed and a computer, theres nothin else to do. this bong is used ALOT!!! gonna have to make another one. 06/28/04

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