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Fill up with pebbles.. added 07/05/04

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Fill up with pebbles.. 07/05/04
All potted and in situe! They are all ready for some serious growing now! I have a 400W metal halide on 18/6, starting at a good height, and lowering a little each day, so not to shock the babies. I have all the usual intake/extraction fans which I will show you later. The nutrient levels are started at 300ppm, and a ph of 6.3 (or near as damn it!)I also have an oscillating fan on in the room. 07/05/04
3 weeks later.... I went away on holiday for a couple of weeks. Just before I left, I lost 4 plants due to overfeeding. I sorted it out, and I managed to save the 6 remaining plants. Then I had to leave my babies for 2 weeks whilst I was away. Not a day went by without me worrying about them! Anyway, I came back to this wonderful sight, but just in the nick of time, because the nutrient tank was really low! 08/01/04
another pic aren't I lucky? LOL 08/01/04
1 more.... I'm going to take a cutting from each plant over the next couple of days. I still have to find out which are males and females, so after taking the cuttings, I'm going to put them into flower. As soon as I can spot them, I'll kill the males (and it's cutting), and keep the strongest female cutting for my mother plant. Hope to update you soon! 08/01/04
2 weeks into flowering My plants have been flowering for 2 weeks now. I had 2 males in the remaining 6 plants, so I took pleasure in killing the bastards! Now I have 4 strong females, and 3 female cuttings. I didn't take a cutting from 1 of my girls because she was quite small, and struggling to get enough light. I have my eye on 1 of the female cuttings as my future mother plant. She still hasn't rooted properly yet, so she's still under the flourescent in the rockwool. 08/17/04
close up at 2 weeks flowering The following pics are just some close ups of the buds. The are coming on nicely don't you think? 08/17/04
bud at 2 weeks 08/17/04

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