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  White Widow From Seed (Avg Rating: 6.3 in 24 votes)   UK
DescriptionNirvana White Widow Seeds in Hydroponic Set Up. I plan to go through every stage as it happens. Hopefully, it will end in a good crop! This is my 3rd grow.
# Plants10
StrainsWhite Widow
LightsFlouro, 600W MH and 600W Sodium
MediumRockwool and clay pebbles
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Nirvana White Widow Seeds Purchased from Only 06/30/04
Rockwool Cubes Rockwool is great for use with seeds or cuttings 06/30/04
Preparing and planting the seeds I took 1 litre of bottled water (it's better than tap), and added Formulex (follow instructions, great for young plants and seeds), some Liquid Oxygen, and adjusted the ph to 6.3. I soaked the cubes and seeds for a couple of hours before planting. 06/30/04
Planting the Seed Shake all the excess water from the rockwool cubes, and open up the hole a little with a match. Plant the seeds about 1/4 inch deep, trying to put the pointy end of the seed facing down. Then fluff over the hole with the match to close it up again. I put my cubes in a heated propagator (make sure you sterilise everything beforehand), and put them in a cupboard in the dark. Keep the cubes moist, not wet, I use a spray, using the bottled water and formulex solution. 06/30/04
Seedlings after 2 days After 2 days in the dark, they have started to show themselves. At this point, I have turned on my flourescent light, a good few inches above the propagator. The light is on a 18/6 schedule. I keep the lid on, but a couple of times a day, take it off for a minute or two, just to change the air. Make sure to keep the rockwool cubes moist with the spray. 06/30/04
A close up of a seedling I hope it's a girl! 06/30/04
seedlings at 1 week 1 week. Some are stronger and bigger than others. I have slowly accustomed them to the air (my propogator has adjustable vents), and now they are without the dome of the propogator completely. Today am going to pot them up in net pots for my flood/drain table. 07/05/04
Close up at 1 week 1 Isn't she (I hope) beautiful? 07/05/04
2 shoots from 1 seed! Ever seen anything like this? I haven't! 07/05/04
Pot them up I've put a couple of inches of pebbles in the bottom of the pot. Put the seedling in place, and then fill up with more pebbles... 07/05/04

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