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Description There are six plants remaining from about 14 after alot of young deaths and some funky retardation. They are growing in miracle grow with a little epsom for the mag. They are under four forty watt daylight deluxe fluos. And they are all extremely healthy and growing so fast that I have to move the ligts about every 30 hours. This garden totalled around 75 dollars for the whole setup. very in-expensive setup for such a good grow.
# Plants6
StrainsBag Seeds
Lights4x40 watt daylight dlx fluos
MediumMiracle Grow
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3 weeks old today three weeks old and looking good 06/27/04
more three weeks 06/27/04
3 weeks 06/27/04
3 weeks 3 weeks old and only 7 inches tall 06/27/04
3 weeks and 7 inches short and fat 06/27/04
the garden 3 weeks 06/27/04
the garden 3 weeks 06/27/04
garden 3 weeks 06/27/04
garden 3 weeks 06/27/04
garden 3 weeks 06/27/04

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