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Brand new little guys These little guys are gonna grow strong and big but I live with my dad HOPE HE DONT SEE HER :( 06/20/04
Harrys BUD Harry's Bud hell ya Harrys bud kicks ass here are some of Harrys buds! 06/20/04
My little plant Still my little plant will be big oh yes will be big u wait and watch Harrys bud rocks Oh ya my friend DUSTIN's dad's bud kicks ass to hell ya dustin my nigga, westside well hope u like. 06/20/04
My little girls whitch will turn I love my little ones they started sprouting like hmm, June 17, 2004 and its June 20, 2004 s 3 days the bigger one has sprouted, and the littler one is 2 days old HOPE THEY GET HUGE. 06/20/04
New little one This is my little one it was planted outside but I brought it inside because it wasnt getting good sun by the pool so I out it with the other plants I am trying to grow INDOOR :) 06/20/04
my guys got bigger This is my guys they growing so fast I cant beleave it 06/21/04
6th day of my sprout getting pri nice looking 06/23/04
my plant at 8 days old from the U like so fare? 06/25/04
8 day old plant I like so fare 06/25/04
both my plants 8 day old and 7 d thur getting big 06/25/04

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