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DescriptionThe one and only clone I took from my last grow died so I'm starting again from scratch. This time I'm using familiar equipment with a brand new set up. This time...I'm going stealth. Semi-stealth. Okay, it doesn't fool anyone as a bookshelf, etc., but the design is perfect for the situation. Hopefully this garden will have lots of updates as the summer rolls along. Check out my other garden [url][/url] to see what happened the first time. Please read on and hopefully you will be able to take something from my mistakes. enjoy.
# Plants4
StrainsER Bag bud
LightsCompact flos + 400W HPS
MediumOrganic potting mix
Yieldnot so fast, ma friend
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Boxes are for squares These seedlings are growing in an old dresser that has been converted into a temporary grow box. But don't worry, they're movin on up :) 06/17/04
New accomodations I have been working on this rough box since the seeds were planted. The plants started under compact fluorescents, soon to be moved into this growbox with a 400W HPS. I still have to paint the inside white, hang the door, mount the light, etc., but that will all be done soon enough. I'm using small waste buckets instead of plastic pots this time because they take up less room and I'm not going to grow the plants as big this time. 06/17/04
GrowBox details presented by Bob This box was not designed for stealth. It is just a small place to grow a couple plants without using an entire room. Check back in a day or two for the finished pics. 06/17/04
Two weeks later You can see the box is complete now. It has a 400W HPS and a small fan, plus a vinyl duct that brings in cool air from another room. They seem to be doing well even though the temps are 85-90 degrees during the day. That's about five degrees above what I would consider optimal, but the amount of ventilation has made up for the warm conditions. 06/28/04
Close up This plant is in the back left of the group shot. 06/28/04
Tight, bushy nodes With the 400W this close, the plant doesn't stretch a bit. Without proper ventilation, though, this plant would be toast! 06/28/04
Healthy plant Maybe the best of the four. This one is in the front, on the left. 06/28/04
24 hr. difference They really seem to go crazy the evening and morning after they get water, bout every four days now. Soon they will need a soak every other day. The bushiness of these plants just blows my mind. i only have room for bonzai buds so I'm going to flower them a bit early, maybe 5 days before they reach sexual maturity. 06/30/04
Leftorium Close-up of the two plants on the left with their young leaves cupped toward the light. 06/30/04
Mutant This is the one that started out with crumpled leaves when it was a baby. Now it has caught up with the rest and I think it will be female because of its short stature and...well, it's hard to describe. If you look carefully you can almost pick out the males and females when they are first starting their growrth spurt, even before preflower. 06/30/04

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